My Story

My name is John Lanza and I've been playing drums in rock n roll bands since I was 12. When I moved to Vermont in 1979 I was able to find some really good musicians to play and preform with. After the kids moved out my wife, Eileen and I found ourselves with a lot of empty space in the house. I always dreamed of having a home studio. So with a vision, a passion and a lot of hard work, I created Sun House Studios. So far we have had the pleasure of hosting "CHAPPO", an Indy band out of Brooklyn N.Y., who recorded their fist album "Moon Water" here at the studio. The band "Cilver", also from N.Y.C., have come to relax and work on some new songs for their up coming album. With a little luck and perseverance the word will spread and more bands will take advantage of what we have to offer.

Come and :

​Write , Relax, Record, Create!


PO Box 75 Sharon VT 05065 us